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Hosting problems have been solved and the site has been reborn from its own ashes. I lost a bit of the layout and content, but it’s high time I get this place spruced up.

New content coming in the archives especially!

Hey folks. My Site is currently having a lot of issues that cascaded out of some migrating I was doing on the backend with GoDaddy.

It has not been a smooth process.

Now, I am trying to at least get my site to a point that it can be visited and you can see some of my content, especially for folks that may be interested in finding out more about what I do, be it in the realm of my 3D and VR work, or my technology consulting services.

Regardless, I’m taking the chance to revamp the entire website and make it even better. Besides, I’ve been studying bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, and how they all integrate with WordPress. Why not pick this moment to destroy the old stuff and re-create with all that I’ve learned. My old posts are here, albeit with some #fails, thanks to not using the old theme, so pardon the technology failing.

These things, as they, happen.

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