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I was lucky enough to ride the coattails of Brandie and got invited to this event as a photographer. I was a bit timid getting shots, since there were a lot of folks there that I did not know and I didn’t have a badge or anything as an “official photographer” but I still had a great time and got some decent shots with my trusty Ricoh Theta S.

By the end of the evening, I had laid down in the grass, away from the stage, and listened to the sounds of the bands echoing off of the hillsides through my Zoom H4N and headphones. It was a really magical evening, so much so that I forgot to keep shooting and just laid there and experienced it from afar.

The next morning, I ended up having to leave for, well, reasons, and didn’t get a chance to shoot the next day. Enjoy the images I did grab and be sure to head over to¬† if you live in or plan to visit Southwest Wisconsin. A music lover’s dream!

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