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The past two months, almost three really, since there was a lead up to it, I was engrossed in doing VR work, stereo compositing for a company that creates VR content. I was really, really, really excited because it really sounded like a cool gig, doing the work that I was already working on around the house, but being able to have access to really smart people and really new ideas and a whole lot of VR content.

I won’t go into the details, but I found out pretty quickly that I was down the wrong rabbit hole. Maybe I wasn’t listening to the details properly or maybe the communication was bad or maybe, maybe I’m just a big dreamer. Regardless of why, I came to feel that my creativity and inventiveness were taking a back seat to time pressure that the only reward in sight for the foreseeable future was monetary reward and more of the same. As such, I walked away from the opportunity and decided to get back to my own projects.

The irony is that the excitement and fervor that I felt for that work, I can now bring to my own work, since I know that it’s possible with both my skillset and my experience level. It’s started me down a lot of roads that I could have never gotten to so quickly had I not put my shoulder to the wheel and tried it.

Enough of the past, let’s get moving to the future.


fixed perspectives,
downward synchrony,
byLaw bound,
of, is, that, i, do,
counted, quantity,
physical identity,
unstable platform,
standards, symbols,
totems and flags;

each Book,
a narrow View,
of orthodox Desire,
watching each other
watching each other,
laughter in reverse,
muttering, dark,
an echo
of an echo:

a flickering fire
in a lightless cave,
without experience,
the potential of thought,
the purpose of feeling,
with or without words,

a world within the world.

unknown faces passing,
all ether, no substance,
no spirit touching flesh,
human all too human,
on an inhuman scale,
possessing only answers,
searching for the real questions,
an uncertain freedom,
in the shadow of certain death;

are it,
the world making worlds,
becoming, changing,
arriving, shaping;

are it,
within, without,
and through


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