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Project VR Randomness

I wanted to post links to a couple of quick and dirty stereoscopic VR videos I shot with my Theta. Basically, I used the distance between my eyes to setup left and right and shot for about 10 seconds. Quick and dirty OU3D from Nuke. Hey Presto, look, it’s VR.

This shot was outside on a nice sunset day. Yeah, that’s my back yard. Wow, so scenic.

And this was shot moments before, in the dining room. I purposefully shot this kind of in the same spot as the downstairs VR because my instincts told me that I was making things too hard. I wish I had a second Theta. I think that if I lined them up next to each other, they’d disappear in the seam and make magical stereoscopic VR at the same time. Magics!

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