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Deliverables, delivered.

So, I finally got the solve done for my lower floor project and CG render. Still working on the other bit, trying to make lat-longs into solvable stitches. Ugh.

Scene One: my house, lower floor

More info at as to how this all works, but this is ready to go, as best I can with my expiring license. I used some parts of my HDR’s to make the windows less blown out. I like the depth throughout.

I’m happy with how it turned out, I think. More ruminations to come, I just wanted to get this posted tonight, while it’s still fresh.

Deliverable Two: CG VR

This scene started with me fiddling around in Maxwell Render Studio. They include some cool scenes to get a feel for what Maxwell Render is capable of. I ended up loading a scene and it occurred to me, after some exploring, that I could do a stereoscopic render.

Days later, and lots of swearing, I had this scene. The geometry started from what was included in Maxwell, which came from

I created some extra geo of my own and set things up to use a recent image I render from Maxwell. After much fiddling, I finally have a decent VR scene that completely CG. I’m a happy panda.


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