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afternoon migraine

a little black spot,
a sparkling stain,
a light too bright,
but not blinked away

strobing, multiplying masses,
clawing the periphery,
overtaking the world,
in scintillating darkness

hands on eyes,
elbows on knees,
someone take this
away from me

a tightening crown,
temples, adorned,
a skull too tight
to leave much space

diminishing sight,
a nauseating nightbloom.
the smell of the room,
in waves, rising

somersaults, turning amid,
iron hand squeezing above,
into tension’s glove,
conscious thought, annulled

dilating, constricting,
breathing, afflicting,
becoming a junction,
of mind and pain

inhale, exhale,
wait for release,
waiting in vain
for the ache to cease

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