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so, i make art. i sometimes print art. 

i also do not like capital letters, or Capital(ism)(tm)

registered trademarks, aside, 

i do like food on my table and water in my garden,

a place to have a garden,

and all that follows

and it follows,

what follows, is that art, for sale.

these are a single print run from a single show.

all prints came from

terms and terminologies are in their faq

thanks for looking.

email j a k e ( a t ) j a k e S t e p h e n s (d o t ) n e t

HD HD Aluminum Print  
DP Giclee print  
LJG LightJet Glossy  
LJM LightJet Matte  
ILJG Ilford LightJet Glossy  
ILJM Ilford LightJet Matte  
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