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though hulls be shattered,
(husks and fallacies)
our propositions and expositions,
(by nature, by device)
are all we can live by


transparent walls dividing.
(breached by design,
closer to illusion)
obscuring inundation,
accepting the terms and conditions

amidst joy,
bastion, gate, and moat
(the better to see you with my darling,
the better to hear, the better to feel)
far better to not feel than to lose,
far better to bar the door and close the shutters.
(far nearer than we expected,
far further than we needed)

the intellect is a jagged wound,
(game called
on account of lifeblood,
those begotten,
born anew, aimed and hurtling forward)
one vessel amidst vessels.

we each dwell in a cell of our own design.
built-up or torn down
in shadows,
or breathless whispers of ecstatic light,
this is all we can be,
each of us as we are.

(miracle that you are


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