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“I’ve loved
rendering for as long as I can remember,”
he said, hyperbole in one hand,
nostalgia in the other.

“But I have. I make things,”
a smile, a wink,
“If you know me, you know that I’m compelled.
If you’re creative,”
a smile, a blink,
“and I know you are,
you know the feeling when something wants to be born,
even if you didn’t know you didn’t not want it
to overtake you non-unexpectedly.”

Counting negatives,
countering with positives,
on fingers, eyes skyward.

“this is an old thing,
i offer it as a thing i labelled:
placed in a drawer,
as the idiom goes,
this binary in the ether,
photographic extension,
of a place that does not exist.”

image created in POV Ray, if I’m not mistaken.

january 1998, which means that it was made on an extremely old Packard Bell Pentium 90 that may or may not have been upgraded with a 100MHz overdrive processor. Hawt.


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